Building Airplanes for Mozambique Missions and Beyond

“Airplanes for Jesus” is a Christian ministry of River of Life Church, Clarendon Hills, Illinois. The purpose is to make aircraft available for missionary pilots in Africa. For reaching people groups in hard-to-reach places with evangelism, prayer and ministry.

These special short field take off and landing (STOL) airplanes which can bring, bibles, preaching, teaching, doctors, medicine, water filters, and Moringa seeds to complete all the nutrition a family needs. 

We are building four Zenith 801 kit planes to foster missionary aviation in Mozambique and other African countries.

While kingdom evangelism is the primary mission, airplanes will shine the love and provision of Christ by bringing doctors, medications and  nutritional needs like the Moringa tree seeds that grow into trees, even in dry areas to provide all the vitamins a family needs. Church “plants” won’t have to wait weeks for a missionary to return. “Airplanes for Jesus” is building airplanes for pilot missionaries who don’t already have airplanes in Mozambique Africa. The kit-built, FAA certified experimental airplanes will have 4 seats, carry 1000 pounds, take-off in only 400 feet and only cost around $70,000 instead of $260,000 for factory-built airplanes like it.

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